"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation as the worst thing in life is to be unoriginal."

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Ceremony Site

The promenade

Walk through the wisteria-laden pergola, you come upon a brick runway, surrounded by slate that reveals a large wooden tower and two story building built out of the remnants of the Arnco-Newnan Textile Mill, dark black staircases lead up to huge arched brick buttresses  from the Eli Whitney family cotton warehouses in Augusta.   Commanding center stage is a large steel orb in the water feature which represents Earth which at one time long ago was the lightning rod for the Sargeant Textile Mill water tower.  Imagine your family and friends mingling within these historic structures, walking down the brick aisle and into your future, hosting a corporate event amid spacious areas.  This area is the epicenter of Cherry Hollow and is a formidable location for your wedding, corporate event or for any activity you can dream up.

Ceremony Site

The green

With a backdrop of emerald green pastures and pastoral livestock happily minding their business while still curiously watching from across the fences, this space opens up to the stars yet tucked nicely under the second brick arch that forms the backside of the Promenade.  For those with a crowd of only a few or a few hundred more, this space reaches out and up in a big way.  Food trucks, mobile bars, strolling musicians, oversized board games are just of the few attributes of this space.  After the ceremony or the event, guests fan out all over to visit with our livestock, enjoy the expansive green space or just take in the warm sunset.

Private Rooms

Ladies Lounge

Designed with you in mind, it’s subtle, stark and carefully adroit.  Fashioned from the shell of the 1860’s Carmichael House, it once held a fireplace and dining room.  The bride’s lavatory was once the inhabitants smoke house and meat curing room.  Adorned with some interesting original art, a larger than life mirror, swags of fabric and furniture built out of the old wooden beams from the mills, this space welcomes the bride and her entourage from the time they step in until the time they depart.  Enjoy.

Private rooms

Gentlemen’s den

Step back in time…. step way back in time to the gilded age, one of opulence where men were courteous, proud, regal and held the world in the palm of their hand.  From Beethoven’s genial bust training his eyes analytically and wisely at you, to our great grandfather’s barber’s chair or his original wedding picture with our chariot racing grandmother, you are immersed in tradition and family heirlooms that transcend the years.  Our fathers Naval Academy freshman year photograph rakishly smiles upon you and that old cotton ledger scribed with great precision beckons discovery.  The Gentleman’s Den is painted in hues of dark gray with rich, dark old-world empire furniture making any man feel empowered to take on the day that lies before him.  

Private LOFT


An assortment of turn of the century pipe and plumbing molds, German insect art and French chic rustic furniture housed in what was once an old hay loft beckons the displaced groomsmen, attending band members or just a warmly lit place for makeup.  Or maybe a romantic sojourn for the bride and groom to hide away for a moment to collect their thoughts and to spend some brief time away from the beckoning crowd.  Whatever the use, it’s a tucked away and unique space to be sure.

Cocktails - Reception

The Lounge

Old houses are full of memories, long forgotten dreams and mysteries hence they resist collapse.  Step inside The Lounge which was long ago the old Carmichael house, home to many families and a confederate colonel.  This was the front of the 1860’s house that used to be adjoined to the other half which now serves as the Gentleman’s Den and the Ladies Lounge.  Replete with vaulted ceilings, wide plank flooring, crisscrossed mortise and tenon beams, industrial windows from an Ohio billionaire’s private greenhouse, old stain glass windows from a decrepit Montgomery Ward store and art pieces from local artists, you may find yourself asking why.  That’s fine but there is no rhyme or reason.  Never will be.  It’s there because it is. Use this space for hors d’oeuvres and classy cocktails as you take in the afternoon sunset over the green pasture filled with our panorama of animals.   The bride and groom will be flitting around the venue being captured by their wily photographer while you imbibe spirits either in The Lounge or outside on the pergola.


Grand Dining Room

Antique tin clad walls from Pittsburgh, epic twenty-four foot heart of pine beams, hand-hewn wooden floors from old chicken houses that dotted the Georgia landscape and the piece de resistance; the huge Arnco Newnan Textile Mill boiler door serve as the backdrop for a one of a kind dining experience.  Long, hand-made wooden and steel tables stretch out and accommodate your guests and your caterers in elegant fashion and adjoin the architecturally inspired catering kitchens that are hidden away allowing your caterers to ply their trade and create inspirational cuisine in these spaces while your guests toast the moment and enjoy their rustic dining experience.


Control Room Bar

Ambient and brooding, it’s a Control Room and a Bar.    Fashioned from salvaged control panels, these mechanical contrivances form the backdrop of a unique, socially engaging bar space like no other.   A completely outfitted cocktail oasis, any bartender would jump at the chance to serve behind the galvanized bar makes for an enticing bartending experience.  Turn around behind you and boiler assembly doors from the Griffin and Opelika Textile Mills entreat you to explore what surprises lurk behind them, a fireplace that emits its smoke tailings up through and out of an old poultry silo. Sprockets, timing belts, chains and two old cotton carts remodeled to hold visitors who seek out a cool place to chill can go.  This combined space is absolutely the most sought-after reception area around.


Pumphouse bar

Two original Jack Daniels whiskey warehouse doors beckon you to wonder what may lie behind them.  Why it’s the Pumphouse Bar, replete with turn of the century gauges and dials, a dry hydrant, a half-impaled diesel tank and other gizmos and gadgets.  A perfect  hole in the wall that affords our clients the luxury of serving that perfect Manhattan, Old Fashion, IPA or vintage vino as your guests mingle to and fro out on the porch and onto the grassy pasture.  If not a specialty drink, then use it as a serving area or carving station for that perfect cut of prime rib.  It’s versatile, funky and one of our hidden gems.

Reception - dancing

Reception  hall

Expect the unexpected. Our reception hall, from the outside, looks like a hundred other barns in the south. Once your eyes adjust, you realize that you’ve been transported into another world; a space filled with decades-old industrial fittings salvaged from around the south. The reception hall boasts a performance stage made from an old loading dock, a VIP lounge area with private couches made from old cotton hoppers, a bar where the walls are lit by control panels from multiple mills, a cozy fireplace behind vintage boiler doors, a wrap-around porch overlooking our lake, and fire-pits just outside in case your guests need a break from the festivities.  The Reception Hall is steeped in nostalgia, and our guests always remember this space in detail.

Performance space

Loading dock Stage

Built entirely out of dismantled loading docks from warehouses that formed the convergence of the old mills and the railroads, many a musician and DJ have found themselves bewildered by the industrial architecture, lighting, ambiance and acoustics that they achieve from this creative space.  Whether it’s a 6-piece band or a DJ with a reportraire of turntables, mixers, lights, strobes and such, you will surely be pleased with the entertainment.

open spaces

Pasture & animals

Pygmy/Nubian cross goats who had no value any longer to their previous owners, dairy cows from the University of Georgia and other southern farms that were slated for slaughter, only to be saved at the 11th hour and given their lives back to live out here at Cherry Hollow Farm.  True and unfettered.

Venue Plan

Property summary

Cherry Hollow is saddled in the middle of 600 acres of old growth forests, pastures, streams on a ten-acre parcel that comprises 13,000 square feet of one-of-a-kind and last of its kind structures and remnants.   Named after a Yochino Cherry orchard located deep in a hollow, constructed entirely by the Williamson Family over nine years from materials recovered over a span of five years from abandoned textile mills, this place is ground zero for weddings, events, concerts, films, musical videos and corporate events.  Rolling hills and pastures wrap around our venue filled with rescued cows and goats saddled in the bucolic environmentally and sustainable community of Chattahoochee Hills, Ga.  Merely minutes from Hartsfield International Airport and Metropolitan Atlanta, five miles from the internationally renowned Serenbe community and Foxhall Resort, Cherry Hollow is by its own rite, a destination.

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*COVID 19 -  Our venue is perfectly suited for socially distanced events. There are a variety of outdoor gathering spaces for you to choose from as well as indoor spaces complete with large sets of doors that can be opened up to create cross ventilation.