One nail, one board, one brick and one thought at a time, Cherry Hollow Farm is an intimate collaboration with our environment.

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Main Building

One of the most unique spaces and destinations, a testament to imagination, relentless determination and devotion to create something truly remarkable. Meticulously repurposed and re-designed structures combined with an assortment of reclaimed artifacts, Cherry Hollow Farm celebrates an era of invention and imagination; the blending of America’s industrial strength and agricultural spirit, chronicled in the very fabric of what is truly an architecturally immersive experience. Its massive arches built from the brick from the Eli Whitney Cotton warehouse in Augusta, Georgia, CHF boasts an array of industrial materials and artifacts from the Lanette, Fairfax, Griffin, Opelika, Arnco, Sargeant, Selma and Pell City mills located throughout the Southeast. CHF is an unique assembly of historical structures from 1820 to 1950, set upon an old farmstead in the countryside of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

open spaces

Pasture & animals

Pygmy/Nubian cross goats who had no value any longer to their previous owners, dairy cows from the University of Georgia and other southern farms that were slated for slaughter, only to be saved at the 11th hour and given their lives back to live out here at Cherry Hollow Farm.  True and unfettered.


woods & Lake view

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Fire pits


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*COVID 19 -  Our venue is perfectly suited for socially distanced events. There are a variety of outdoor gathering spaces for you to choose from as well as indoor spaces complete with large sets of doors that can be opened up to create cross ventilation.